– vs UNO

– vs UNO

03.08.2020 20:00
League 3 - DAY 5

Player statistic

    2:00 Goal 5. Paul Calleja
    3:00 Goal 6. Nikki Vella Petroni
    23:00 Goal 2. David Abela
    28:00 Goal 4. Keith Farrugia
    33:00 Goal 20. Zachary Rizzo
    36:00 Goal 9. Daniel Gatt
    46:00 Goal 6. Nikki Vella Petroni
    47:00 Goal 1. Nicholas Spiteri

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Daniel Gatt
Eight goals in the net of Trident Trust and even six players of UNO assign as a goal scorers. Amazing team play by UNO, who are definitely become a part of League 2 in next season. Great season for them who are still keeping the unbeaten run. Can Casino Malta change it next week in second Round of PAI Cup?