Armstrong Operations vs Comeon

Armstrong Operations vs Comeon

05.04.2022 20:30
League 3 - 2021/2022 - Spring - DAY 03

Player statistic

09. Philip Håkansson Goal 5'    
09. Philip Håkansson Goal 7'    
    11' Goal 07. Billy Cook
09. Philip Håkansson Goal 15'    
    18' Goal 03. Ville Kayhko
    27' Goal 07. Billy Cook
    30' Goal 03. Ville Kayhko
    35' Goal 02. Ryan Farrugia
09. Philip Håkansson Goal 39'    
    43' Goal OWN GOAL
09. Philip Håkansson Goal 44'    

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Philip Håkansson
In a very interesting match between Armstrong Operations and Comeon Group one point remained in the grass. The general impression is that Arsmstrong Operations deserved the victory, but last night the referee was in favor of Comeon Group and in the controversial moments of the match harmed the Armstrong players. Two goals in the Comeon Group's net remained unrecognized. The first time because of the sliding tackle that preceded the shot and the second time because the ball did not cross the line in full circumference. In the second half, Armstrong players were injured, so even two players had to sit on the bench. In the end, it cannot be said that Comeon Group did not deserve a point from this match. They played creatively, clearly and simply. They scored several outstanding goals as a result of the excellent team play of all the players. Unfortunately, referee's mistakes are an integral part of football and sometimes affect the result.
PlayerMan of the match
09. Philip Håkansson1