Pentasia vs Comeon

Pentasia vs Comeon

17.03.2022 19:30
League 3 - 2021/2022 - Spring - DAY 02

Player statistic

05. Philip Turner Goal 8:00    
    13:00 Goal 07. Billy Cook
    16:00 Goal 07. Billy Cook
30. Marcus Mamo Goal 26:00    
05. Philip Turner Goal 32:00    
    35:00 Goal 12. Mikael Selander
05. Philip Turner Goal 41:00    
    42:00 Goal 06. Vili Hakamies

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Sean Smyth
The new team in the league, Pentasia, shared the points with Comeon Group. In a very interesting match, in the eighth minute of the game, Philip Turner puts Pentasia in the lead. By the end of the first half, Comeon Group, through Billy Cook, managed to reverse the result. In second half, after a mistake by the goalkeeper, Pentasia managed to equalize. A great match followed. Pentasia focused on defending their goal and trying to counter-attack, while Comeon, managed to keep the ball in his possession and attacked most of the time. After a swift counterattack, Pentasia took the lead, but just three minutes later, Mikael Selander levelled the score again. By the end of the game we saw two more goals. First, Philip Turner, with his third goal, managed to bring Pentasia to +1, and only a minute later, the goalkeeper of Comeon Group with a fantastic shoot from distance managed to score and establish the final result. By the end of the match, Comeon had more chances to win but Sean Smyth made couple of amazing saves. In last minute of the match, Billy Cook was in front of the goalkeeper but the ball went right next to the goalpost and just a couple of seconds after that the crossbar saved Pentasia's goal. After the abolition of points won after the matches with Twin Casino and Acroud Anacondas, Pentasia is in third place after this match and with a great atmosphere in the team, they expect the PAI Cup match against Esports Technologies.
PlayerMan of the match
01. Sean Smyth1