Soft2Bet vs Pentasia

Soft2Bet vs Pentasia

28.04.2022 20:30
League 3 - 2021/2022 - Spring - DAY 06

Player statistic

    2' Goal 05. Laurence Howell
    3' Goal 05. Philip Turner
    4' Goal 07. Carlos Luna
    15' Goal 07. Carlos Luna
11. Rob Ripley Goal 19'    
    22' Goal 04. Carmelo Martini
08. Wayne Formosa Goal 23'    
    28' Goal 05. Philip Turner
08. Wayne Formosa Goal 30'    
08. Wayne Formosa Goal 31'    
08. Wayne Formosa Goal 36'    
    38' Goal 30. Marcus Mamo
    41' Goal 05. Laurence Howell
    46' Goal 07. Carlos Luna

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Yankuba Camara
This was a game of a hundred saves. Pentasia's goalkeeper did not allow his team to lose. Soft2Bet players attacked and tried in various ways to score but this was simply not their night. Pentasia took the lead at the very beginning with a four-goal advantage and did not lose that advantage until the end of the game. The only player who was in the mood to play in Soft2Bet was Wayne Formosa, but that was not enough. Ten goals scored by Pentasia, and as many as six different players entered the list of scorers, says enough. In the next round, Pentasia welcomes the leader in the table, Armstrong Operations, while Soft2Bet plays against Comeon Group.
PlayerMan of the match
21. Yankuba Camara1