Alpha FX vs NOUV

Alpha FX vs NOUV

21.10.2022 19:30
League 3 - Round 3 - 22/23

Player statistic

1st half
    2' Goal 08. Mark Borg
    3' Goal 08. Mark Borg
    12' Goal 08. Mark Borg
09. Taha Lamami Goal 14'    
    17' Goal 03. Melvyn Darmanin
2nd half
    30' Goal 08. Mark Borg
    32' Goal 08. Mark Borg
15. Baha Alturjman Goal 32'    
    33' Goal 03. Melvyn Darmanin
    35' Goal 08. Mark Borg
08. Jamie Delia Red Card 41'    
    46' Goal 03. Melvyn Darmanin

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Mark Borg
NOUV managed to get another win and position itself at the top of the League 3 table. The match with Alpha FX was resolved at the very beginning, with three quick goals by Mark Borg, so NOUV brought the game to an easy end after that. The shadow of an otherwise fair game was cast by Jamie Delia, who received a red card for punching an opposing player and faces a three-game ban.
PlayerMan of the match
08. Mark Borg1