GRODT Group vs Pentasia

GRODT Group vs Pentasia

08.03.2023 20:00
League 3 - Round 8 - 22/23

Player statistic

1st half
08. Carl Rasmussen Goal 2'    
    2' Yellow Card 08. Neil Sammut
    8' Goal 08. Neil Sammut
10. Kemal Mustafa Goal 12'    
    22' Goal 08. Neil Sammut
2nd half
    27' Goal 03. Filip Vasilevski
    30' Goal 03. Filip Vasilevski
    34' Yellow Card 07. Jonny Butterworth
10. Nicolas Trapasso Goal 36'    
    37' Goal 04. Leon Cardona
    39' Goal 04. Leon Cardona
    40' Goal 04. Leon Cardona
10. Kemal Mustafa Goal 46'    

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Leon Cardona
Excellent defense and a well-organized offense were the hallmarks of the Pentasia team, which came to victory against the GRODT Group. Pentasia has formed a strong team and has shown that they wants to return to League 2, where they belongs in quality. In the next round, Pentasia plays Alpha FX, after they will play 1/8 finals of the PAI Cup final against Aspire Global. GRODT Group plays against Harvest Technology PLC.
PlayerMan of the match
04. Leon Cardona1