GeoGaming vs –

GeoGaming vs –

27.07.2020 21:00

Player statistic

11. Craig Drillot Goal 27:00    
20. Ryan Formosa Goal 32:00    
    33:00 Goal 01. Burton Alexander
    36:00 Goal 12. Vlahovic Luka
9. Henry Carre Goal 38:00    
9. Henry Carre Goal 41:00    
9. Henry Carre Goal 47:00    

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Henry Carre
In the first half it was equal and hard match without goals at all. but in first half Geogaming first scored and opened the match. At the results 2:2, Henry Carre, Goagaming's captain, became unstoppable for Trident's defence, He scored three times and reserve automatically pass to Third Round of PAI Cup.
PlayerMan of the match
9. Henry Carre1