GiG Fair and Fun vs Besedo

GiG Fair and Fun vs Besedo

27.07.2020 19:00

Player statistic

    1:00 Goal 10. Andres Do Couto
3. Clint Saliba Goal 7:00    
    18:00 Goal 3. Walter Araoz
OWN GOAL Goal 21:00    
    27:00 Goal 3. Walter Araoz
    29:00 Goal 10. Andres Do Couto
9. Alexei Cauchi Goal 30:00    
    40:00 Goal 4. Borja Lopez
3. Clint Saliba Goal 43:00    
13. Jonathan Martinelli Goal 44:00    
4. Mauro Leonardi Goal 47:00    
13. Jonathan Martinelli Goal 48:00    

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Jonathan Martinelli
That was the first big surprise in PAI Cup. Even if they were one or two goals bellow during the whole match, GIG Fair And Fun didn't quit and in the 20th minutes of second half they scored for 4:4 by amazing header of Jonathan Martinelli. In last four minutes of the match GIG was more motivated and managed to score twice and reserve a place in the Second Round of PAI Cup where Touchbet already waiting for them (match will be held on 10th of August).
PlayerMan of the match
13. Jonathan Martinelli1