Polish Drinkers vs Tumas Gaming

Polish Drinkers vs Tumas Gaming

28.07.2020 20:00

Player statistic

    6:00 Goal 7. Ugo Brancato
44. Jakub Rataj Goal 7:00    
64. Piotr Martyniak Goal 10:00    
    11:00 Goal 11. Alessio Blandano
09. Witold Dytczak Goal 16:00    
    20:00 Goal 6. Marco Marcuso
    22:00 Goal 7. Ugo Brancato
    31:00 Goal 6. Marco Marcuso
07. Roger Rybarczyk Goal 34:00    
16. Maciej Knysak Goal 36:00    
    37:00 Goal 7. Ugo Brancato
    40:00 Goal 7. Ugo Brancato
    44:00 Goal 06. Paolo Paolini

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Ugo Brancato
That was another surprise in First Round of PAI Cup. Tumas Gaming were playing best game of the season and used all the tricks to remain unbeaten in this match. Polish Drinkers, after the break, can not find they game and absence of team captain Adrian Sidowski is more then obvious. In the Second Round of PAI Cup Tumas Gaming going on another top division team, Betfirst. Can they surprise them?
PlayerMan of the match
7. Ugo Brancato1