PwC Malta vs Casumo

PwC Malta vs Casumo

27.07.2020 21:00

Player statistic

    8:00 Goal 1. Martin Crowe
05. Miguel Borg Goal 10:00    
24. Christoph Caruana Goal 13:00    
    14:00 Goal 2. Fabio Cucciatti
19. Michael Tonna Goal 24:00    
2. Steve Bartolo Goal 24:00    
2. Steve Bartolo Goal 32:00    
10. Ed Attard Goal 35:00    
    40:00 Goal 08. Wayne Formosa
    41:00 Goal 08. Wayne Formosa

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Steve Bartolo
After a very important win against rival from League 3, PWC advanced to the Second Round of PAI Cup. In very interesting match, last minute of the first half was deciding spot of the match. With two quick goals PWC created unreachable advantage against Casumo who tried to get back to the match but with no success. PWC played smart and managed to keep the win till the end of the match. In Second Round of PAI Cup, PWC should play against Blue Lions from League 1, on 10th of August.
PlayerMan of the match
2. Steve Bartolo1