Rabbit Entertainment vs AKA Kreative Studio

Rabbit Entertainment vs AKA Kreative Studio

28.07.2020 20:00

Player statistic

09. Bardhi Bunguri Goal 4:00    
09. Bardhi Bunguri Yellow Card 5:00    
22. Sean Byrne Goal 8:00    
99. Radu Vlase Goal 9:00    
    18:00 Goal 11. Jason Rizzo
22. Sean Byrne Goal 26:00    
22. Sean Byrne Goal 27:00    
    28:00 Goal 10. Andreas Dahl
09. Bardhi Bunguri Goal 30:00    
    32:00 Goal 06. Niklas Nyman
    44:00 Goal 06. Niklas Nyman

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Sean Byrne
Rabbit Entertainment is first new team who managed to pass to Second Round of PAI Cup. In very dynamic but fair match, they were better rival against Aka Kreative. From the beginning of the match Rabbit Ent. showed that they know exactly why did they come for and in the one single moment they didn't let to Aka to come close. Sean Byrne was a man of the match with three goals and one assist, Aka Kreative simply didn't have a solution for him in defence. Rabbit Ent will have an opportunity to play against leader in League 1 in Second Round of PAI Cup.
PlayerMan of the match
22. Sean Byrne1