Touchbet vs BetFirst

Touchbet vs BetFirst

21.09.2020 21:00

Player statistic

    1:00 Goal OWN GOAL
    6:00 Goal 11. Vlady Pais
14. Nathan Dos Santos Ramos Goal 11:00    
    21:00 Red Card 7. Hamza Afifi
    24:00 Goal 02. Filomeno Santos
    25:00 Goal 13. Phil Wilson
    26:00 Goal 11. Vlady Pais
1. Jonathan Currle Goal 31:00    
    44:00 Yellow Card 02. Filomeno Santos

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Nuno Santos
A week ago Touchbet won against Betfirst and reserve second place in League 1 for the Season 19/20. Yesterday Betfirst have a chance for rematch in 1/4 Final of PAI Cup and they use it. From the beginning they were better team. Touchbet couldn't find they flow during the whole match and with couple of new players who didn't fit in to system of play they didn't have any chance against very strong Betfirst. Hamza Afifi, goalkeeper of Betfirst, who were sent off in 21st minutes of the match because of objection, will be banned for one match in PAI Cup, so he wouldn't be able to help to his teammates against Catena Media on Monday 27th.