UNO vs PwC Malta

UNO vs PwC Malta

22.09.2020 20:00

Player statistic

5. Paul Calleja Goal 5:00    
    23:00 Goal 09. Alexis Georgiou
6. Nikki Vella Petroni Goal 27:00    
4. Keith Farrugia Goal 29:00    
6. Nikki Vella Petroni Goal 34:00    
    38:00 Goal 12. Gaetano Gesualdi
    41:00 Goal 18. Julian Padovani
6. Nikki Vella Petroni Yellow Card 47:00    
    47:00 Goal 09. Alexis Georgiou

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Alexis Georgiou
Without UNO's Captain, Gianluca Calabretta that's simply not the same team. Without idea in possession stage and with very bad organised defence, especially in the second half, UNO allows to PwC to develop their game and took them so many balls by high pressure. In the last 15 mins of the game, UNO made so many mistakes just trying to pass the ball to Nikki Vella who played as a striker in this match but most of the time was cuted off. As a result of good pressure, Pwc Malta, scored in the last minute  for equalize and won after better penalty shootout session. UNO finishing the League 3 on first place, with maximum points from nine games, but they were stopped in PAI Cup by PwC, who are greatest surprise of this season.
PlayerMan of the match
09. Alexis Georgiou1