ZP Services vs Axl Affiliates/Betzest

ZP Services vs Axl Affiliates/Betzest

21.09.2020 20:00

Player statistic

7. Stefano Riga Goal 7:00    
    12:00 Goal 06. Rodry Fenech
    14:00 Goal 14. Denis Kadri
5. Salvatore Dolce Goal 15:00    
1. Liran Ben-Ari Goal 19:00    
2. Billy Berntson Goal 23:00    
7. Stefano Riga Goal 26:00    
    32:00 Goal 05. Andrea Rufa
    38:00 Goal 11. Moraru Marian
1. Liran Ben-Ari Goal 41:00    
    43:00 Goal 06. Rodry Fenech
1. Liran Ben-Ari Goal 43:00    
    45:00 Goal 06. Rodry Fenech
7. Stefano Riga Goal 34:00    

Additional information

Man of the match
Liran Ben-Ari
It seems that season hasn't finished yet for ZP Services. They made a huge surprise in 1/4 Final and kick out new champions, Axl Affiliates by result 6:8. From the start of the match it seemed as if the champions had underestimated the ZP Services and allowed them to take the lead already in the early stage of the match. Later on, during the game, they've tried with different styles of play, from high pressure to fast counter attacks but ZP Services play very organised in recovery stage and didn't allow to Axl Affiliates in any single moment of the match to equalize the score. Tonight's winner, from the match PwC Malta - UNO, will play against ZP Services in 1/2 Final of PAI Cup on Monday.
PlayerMan of the match
1. Liran Ben-Ari1