ZP Services vs Stanleybet

ZP Services vs Stanleybet

27.07.2020 20:00

Player statistic

1. Liran Ben-Ari Goal 10:00    
    15:00 Goal 6. Robert Bugeja
6. Nicolo Muni Goal 20:00    
1. Liran Ben-Ari Goal 24:00    
2. Billy Berntson Goal 29:00    
1. Liran Ben-Ari Goal 30:00    
    32:00 Goal 12. Giorgio Ranieri
    33:00 Goal 12. Giorgio Ranieri
    37:00 Goal 6. Robert Bugeja
2. Billy Berntson Goal 40:00    
1. Liran Ben-Ari Goal 44:00    
1. Liran Ben-Ari Goal 45:00    
1. Liran Ben-Ari Goal 48:00    

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Liran Ben-Ari
Harder then expected, ZP Services reach Second Round of PAI Cup where GIG Galacticos already waiting for them. In very dynamic match Stanleybet presented amazing football against top division team and they were very close to the victory. At the middle of second half, Stanleybet has two goals advanced and all what they should do is to keep it. But then, experience of ZP Players, who have more hard matches in their career, and individual quality of Liran Ben-Ari, made a difference and lead ZP Services to the victory in this match and passing to Second Round of PAI Cup.
PlayerMan of the match
1. Liran Ben-Ari1