Tipico vs Soft2Bet

Tipico vs Soft2Bet

PAI Cup 21/22

Player statistic

14. Axel Kindler Goal 2'    
    3' Goal 20. Steven Cachia
13. Jonathan Agius Goal 6'    
01. Armin Mollen Goal 10'    
92. Jonathan Sammut Goal 11'    
    14' Goal 02. Adriano Mintoff
    19' Goal 20. Steven Cachia
    23' Goal 08. Wayne Formosa
15. Joseph Cremona Goal 29'    
    35' Goal 06. Joshua Aquilina
14. Axel Kindler Goal 46'    
14. Axel Kindler Goal 47'    

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Axel Kindler
The general impression is that Tipico underestimated Soft2Bet, who came with a changed line-up and managed to play equal match against favorites from League 1. The match was opened and very early. leader of the first league, managed to make a +3. After that, by the end of the first half, Soft2Bet managed to equalize the score to 4:4. In continuation Tipico first comes to the advantage but Soft2Bet again equalizes the score. A tense finale followed, both teams played quite aggressively and hard, on the verge of a foul. Two minutes before the end of the match Alex Kindler managed to use one of the chances and give Tipico the advantage and secure their passage to the semi-finals of the cup where Tumas Gaming will be waiting for them.
PlayerMan of the match
14. Axel Kindler1