Tumas Gaming vs Pentasia

Tumas Gaming vs Pentasia

PAI Cup 21/22

Player statistic

11. Riccardo Bono Goal 4'    
11. Riccardo Bono Goal 6'    
07. Andrea Monteleone Goal 10'    
11. Riccardo Bono Goal 14'    
    22' Goal 30. Marcus Mamo
11. Riccardo Bono Goal 24'    
04. Adam Debattista Goal 26'    
06. Paolo Paolini Goal 27'    
01. Bertone Gabriele Goal 29'    
11. Riccardo Bono Goal 32'    
    34' Goal 07. Carlos Luna
10. Leandro Morgana Goal 38'    
    41' Goal 05. Philip Turner
07. Andrea Monteleone Goal 41'    
04. Adam Debattista Goal 48'    

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Riccardo Bono
A safe victory for Tumas Gaming against the new team in the league. Pentasia was an equal rival in the first half, but in the continuation, more experience and a larger number of quality players, gave Tumas Gaming an advantage. This is the biggest success for Tumas Gaming, considering that they managed to qualify for the semi-finals of the cup, and if they continue like this, it is very likely that they will secure a place in the first league at the end of the season.
PlayerMan of the match
11. Riccardo Bono1