Tumas Gaming vs Tipico

Tumas Gaming vs Tipico

PAI Cup 21/22

Player statistic

11. Riccardo Bono Goal 6'    
07. Andrea Monteleone Goal 9'    
    11' Goal 20. Kevin Bornfleth
10. Leandro Morgana Goal 11'    
    13' Goal 11. Mark Stinchcombe
11. Riccardo Bono Goal 14'    
07. Andrea Monteleone Goal 18'    
10. Leandro Morgana Goal 19'    
07. Andrea Monteleone Goal 28'    
03. Adrian Neda Goal 33'    
03. Adrian Neda Goal 45'    

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Leandro Morgana
Without a few standard players, Tipico is simply no longer the same team as it was in the first part of the season. The third consecutive defeat speaks enough about the decline of the form of the team that is still the leader in the table of the first league. On the other hand, Tumas Gaming has timed the form for the end of the season and is currently playing without a mistake. The defence was strong and organized, and the counter-attacks are unstoppable. They leave the impression of a team that has more players in the field than the opponent.
PlayerMan of the match
10. Leandro Morgana1