Pentasia vs Besedo

Pentasia vs Besedo

05.11.2019 21:00
League 2 - DAY 5

Player statistic

    12:00 Goal 2. Miguel Alcaraz
13. Andrew Clark Goal 13:00    
    25:00 Goal 10. Andres Do Couto
13. Andrew Clark Goal 36:00    
    46:00 Goal 10. Andres Do Couto
    47:00 Goal 10. Andres Do Couto
    48:00 Goal 11. Lukas Schora

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Andres Do Couto
The match was unexpectedly tight. Pentasia played well all the match, even if they didn't have subs. Two minutes before the end of the match, when result was 2:2, after suspicious referee's decision Besedo created counter attack and scored for 3:2. Next week Pentasia will try to repeat good play in this match against Catena Media, while Besedo have a huge test against Tumas Gaming.
PlayerMan of the match
10. Andres Do Couto1