Pentasia vs Genting Bet

Pentasia vs Genting Bet

21.10.2019 19:00
League 2 - DAY 4

Player statistic

2. Ljubomir Mazura Goal 0:56    
    1:42 Goal 5. Duncan Edwards
2. Ljubomir Mazura Goal 4:28    
2. Ljubomir Mazura Goal 7:41    
2. Ljubomir Mazura Goal 13:59    
    16:22 Goal 07. Billy Cook
    27:34 Goal 10. Clarence Thompson
    31:45 Goal 10. Clarence Thompson
    34:12 Goal 2. Dan Michelson
    38:02 Goal 10. Clarence Thompson
3. Jakub Savara Goal 41:52    
2. Ljubomir Mazura Goal 20:36    

Match statistic

Numbers of goals

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Ljubomir Mazura
In first half, Ljubomir Mazura was a lethal in front of a Gentingbet's goal but in second half Clarence Smith and co. strike back. Tight game has been decided by Jakub Savara's goal. After that Gentingbet made some good chances but 3 points goes to Pentasia. Next week Pentasia will try to continue winning raw against Betclicers while Gentingbet still trying to get first points in this season.
PlayerMan of the match
2. Ljubomir Mazura1