Touchbet vs BetFirst

Touchbet vs BetFirst

17.09.2020 21:30
League 1 – DAY 12

Player statistic

    5:00 Goal 13. Phil Wilson
    14:00 Goal 4. Brian Zammit
    26:00 Goal 4. Brian Zammit
14. Nathan Dos Santos Ramos Goal 27:00    
14. Nathan Dos Santos Ramos Goal 29:00    

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Fredrik Johansson
In the match who directly brought as an answer about second place in League 2, Touchbet had more concentration in key moments of the match and took all three point from this week's derby. Betfirst were taking a lead for a three times but it was not enough since Touchbet played very patient, waiting for their five minutes. And those minutes came in the middle of second half when they scored three times in just five minutes and made a difference of two goals which they managed to save till the end of the match. Betfirst will try to make better impression in rematch on Monday, while Touchbet have another hard game on Friday against Polish Drinkers.