Touchbet vs GiG Galacticos

Touchbet vs GiG Galacticos

28.10.2019 20:30
League 1 - DAY 2

Player statistic

12. James Mccarthy Goal 3:00    
11. Wallagol Determinacaoefe Goal 11:00    
    20:00 Goal 4. Anders Friis Bruun
    21:00 Goal 3. Jens Schmieg
1. Jonathan Currle Goal 36:00    
08. Ronald Haverkamp Goal 40:00    
08. Ronald Haverkamp Goal 43:00    
08. Ronald Haverkamp Goal 44:00    
    36:00 Goal OWN GOAL

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Ronald Haverkamp
Very good and fair game. Both teams showed good quality but Touchbet was more wiser and calmer. They scored their chances and deserved won in this match. First foul was in 15th minute of the first half. Next week Touchbet will play against Aspire Global, while Gig Galacticos will have hard match against ZP Services.
PlayerMan of the match
08. Ronald Haverkamp1