ZP Services vs Blue Lions

ZP Services vs Blue Lions

16.10.2019 20:00
League 1 - DAY 3

Player statistic

    4:28 Goal 3. Alessio Restuccia
1. Liran Ben-Ari Goal 6:05    
2. Billy Berntson Yellow Card 40:23    
    41:50 Goal 3. Alessio Restuccia
2. Billy Berntson Goal 43:18    
    40:37 Goal 5. Stefano Longo

Match statistic

Numbers of goals

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Salvatore Scire
It was perfect example of League 1 Competition game. Very hard match with lots of 50:50 balls. ZP Services played high pressing all the match, have a lot of chances to score but Blue Lions Goalkeeper was amazing. At the middle of second half Blue Lions scored two goals from free kicks and finish the match as winners. Unfortunately, at the end of the game ZP Service's Captain Liran Ben-Ari got injured and we wish him to get well for the next week's match against Aspire Global.
PlayerMan of the match
12. Salvatore Scire1