We’ve just started the 23/24 season, and there’s some news to share.

👉In League 1, teams have already played official matches, and we want to congratulate those who have earned points – well done!

👉In League 2, there was one regular match, and the rest of the teams went through qualifications. We noticed that Kindred performed well, so we’ve decided to promote them to League 1. We believe they can compete at that level.

Betclicers and Religa also played good matches, but unfortunately, we have only one spot available in League 1 for now.

You can check the schedule for the first half of the season on our website at If you need to change the date or time of any of your matches, please let us know.

IMPORTANT: If you want to reschedule a match, you need to tell us at least a week in advance (before Friday). We can’t accept requests to change matches during the weekend for the following week. We had to make this rule because some people took advantage of our flexibility last season. We’re still happy to help and make arrangements, but we need to know in advance.

Thank you for understanding.

We wish you all the best of luck and lots of fun in the games!