Armstrong Moonwalkers vs Pentasia

Armstrong Moonwalkers vs Pentasia

05.10.2022 21:00
League 2 - Round 1 - 22/23

Player statistic

1st half
    9' Goal 04. Leon Cardona
00. Ventsi Georgiev Goal 14'    
07. Tomek Fikas Goal 15'    
12. Tomas Calmfors Goal 17'    
2nd half
    25' Goal 08. Neil Sammut
06. Oliver Fagerdahl Goal 28'    
12. Tomas Calmfors Goal 33'    
    36' Goal 08. Neil Sammut
00. Ventsi Georgiev Goal 38'    
12. Tomas Calmfors Goal 45'    
    45' Goal 08. Neil Sammut

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Christoffer Holmgren
Armstrong Moonwalkers impressed at the start of the League 2 competition, beating Pentasia. With a brand new team, Armstrong showed he would be a contender for a place in Ligue 1, and they were not distracted by an early advantage from their opponents in the ninth minute. With a pleasing game, with plenty of passes and a combination, Armstrong Moonwalkers left no chance for a motivated opponent.