Betway vs Comeon

Betway vs Comeon

21.10.2022 20:30
League 2 - Round 3 - 22/23

Player statistic

1st half
07. Mark Abbosh Goal 4'    
07. Mark Abbosh Goal 6'    
10. Artur Kowal Goal 10'    
23. Luke Agius Goal 11'    
    14' Goal 13. Juergen Reutter
    21' Goal 14. David Andersson
2nd half
    28' Goal 14. David Andersson
10. Artur Kowal Goal 31'    
    36' Goal 03. Reuben Dabin-Debono
    41' Goal 18. Stian Nielsen
10. Artur Kowal Goal 43'    
    46' Goal 10. Joni Repo
    47' Goal 18. Dominik
07. Mark Abbosh Goal 48'    

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Joni Repo
In a game full of twists and turns, Betway and Comeon played out a tie - 7-7. Betway took an early three-goal lead, but it was just a prelude to what we saw for the rest of the match. Goals and nice moves were seen, especially two great assists from Joni Repo, who had Comeon complete the turnover and the lead with a minute to go. However, Mark Abbosh managed to score in the last minute and the match ended in a draw.