Betway vs Harvest Technology PLC

Betway vs Harvest Technology PLC

03.11.2022 20:30
League 2 - Round 5 - 22/23

Player statistic

07. Mark Abbosh Goal 1'    
07. Mark Abbosh Goal 5'    
13. Eoin O’Toole Goal 6'    
    6' Goal 23. Leon Muscat
    15' Goal 13. Dylan Attard
    15' Goal 21. Rodney Caruana
07. Mark Abbosh Goal 23'    
07. Mark Abbosh Goal 27'    
07. Mark Abbosh Goal 32'    
07. Mark Abbosh Goal 37'    
23. Luke Agius Goal 41'    
    48' Goal 13. Dylan Attard

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Mark Abbosh
In the game that decided who is going to be relegated  from the League 2, Betway confirmed the excellent performances from the previous few rounds and managed to beat Harvest Technology PLC. The very strange strategy of Harvest Technology PLC, which left two of the best players on the bench in the first half, which the opponent used to gain an elusive advantage. The match was definitely decided in the second half, with a series of goals from the best Betway player Mark Abbosh. With this defeat, Harvest Techology PLC was relegated to League 3.
PlayerGoalYellow CardRed CardMan of the match
23. Luke Agius1
07. Mark Abbosh61
13. Eoin O’Toole1
PlayerGoalYellow CardRed CardMan of the match
13. Dylan Attard2
21. Rodney Caruana1
23. Leon Muscat1