Betway vs Simon Mamo Real Estate

Betway vs Simon Mamo Real Estate

04.10.2022 21:30
League 2 - Round 1 - 22/23

Player statistic

07. Mark Abbosh Goal 2'    
10. Artur Kowal Goal 5'    
    14' Goal 09. Keith Sullivan
23. Luke Agius Yellow Card 23'    
07. Mark Abbosh Goal 32'    
10. Artur Kowal Goal 39'    
08. Luke Baldacchino Goal 41'    
    42' Goal 30. Marcus Mamo
    43' Goal 05. Philip Caruana Turner
    48' Goal 09. Keith Sullivan

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Joey Caboz
In the first two minutes of the match Betway had two great chances to score , and from the third opportunity they managed to take the early lead. Due lack of experience in the PAI league, Simon Mamo seemed a bit confusion but as the game went on, they played more organized. After an early lead, Betway focused on defending and protecting their goalpost, which worked for them until the end of the first half, when Simon Mamo Real Estate scored and returned to the match. By result 3-1 for Betway, second half started. Chances alternated on both sides but, in the middle of the second half, when the match was breaking, they managed to score two more goals and announce an uninteresting end to the match. However, Simon Mamo did not lose hope until the end of the match, they managed to score twice and enter the open end of the match. The last few minutes were marked by Simon Mamo's attacks and, in the last moments of the match, with his second goal, Keith Sullivan managed to reduce the Betway advantage and establish the final result of the match.
PlayerGoalYellow CardRed CardMan of the match
08. Luke Baldacchino1
10. Artur Kowal2
23. Luke Agius1
07. Mark Abbosh2
PlayerGoalYellow CardRed CardMan of the match
05. Philip Caruana Turner1
09. Keith Sullivan2
30. Marcus Mamo1