PAI League Closes Transfer Window, Teams Play as Is!

Fairness First: PAI League’s Deadline Ensures Teams Play with Existing Squad

❗In the PAI league, the deadline for any possible transfers or registering new players is rapidly approaching on May 17, 2023.

👉The league organizers have implemented this deadline to ensure fair play and prevent any last-minute additions of skilled or professional players that could potentially disrupt the balance of the competition.

The primary objective of the organizers is to maintain a level playing field and provide equal opportunities for all participating teams to succeed. By enforcing this rule, they aim to avoid situations where a team gains an unfair advantage by bringing in highly talented or experienced players towards the end of the season.

👍However, the organizers have taken into account certain exceptional circumstances. If a team finds itself with only four players and requires a fifth player to participate in a match, they will be allowed to register a new player.

🏆All teams will have an equal opportunity to succeed based on the players registered within their squad before May 17, 2023.

By implementing this deadline and the exception for teams in need, they aim to uphold the integrity of the league and provide an enjoyable experience for all teams involved.

Good luck to everyone!